05 Skills All Graduates Must Have.

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It can be a difficult thing; trying to find a job after graduation. It is for some. But not for all. In today's world of skill-based employment, those with even the most in-demand and well-spoken-of degrees find it hard to impress their interviewers and secure a job.

For today's employers are not fools. No matter how fancy your degree is and no matter how you got it, if you don't have the skills needed for employment nowadays, you don't get hired.

01. Computer and IT Literacy.

This one is an absolute must. Graduates, especially those who don't get to interact with computers that much in their degree program, must know their way around them anyway. Technology has had an undeniable influence on everything. Job descriptions, too.

Knowing how to operate applications like word and powerpoint, making spreadsheets. A little bit of coding doesn't hurt either! Students majoring in finance are now expected to have good command over SQL and implementable software to handle their databases.

Similarly, employees seek leadership qualities and managerial skill sets in the people they wish to hire.

Online learning websites offer free-of-cost courses for digital and IT literacy. A good place to start, these sites.

02. Public Speaking and Marketing.

If you think you'll be secluded in a corner and expected to work on a machine, you're only half right. It also depends on what your job is, though.

A graduate should have excellent public speaking skills. If asked to represent their firm, they must be able to articulate their thoughts in professional, verbal conduct. Initially, you must be able to sell yourself to even get a job. People who are adept at addressing others and have the knowledge their degree vouches for are considered over the ones who have only technical skills.

Marketing is another thing that's a plus. This isn't only for business students; marketing is far too important to be appointed to only a relevant department within an enterprise. Some organizations include employees from other unrelated departments as well to strategize their marketing approaches. Fresh input from commoners—non-marketers—can help turn tables.

03. Finance Handling.

Not something math-haters would want to get tangled up in, but something in-demand, indeed. Even if you're not an accountant or a business student majoring in finance, you have to have at least some usable information as to how effective finance handling is practiced. This knowledge can be used if you ever wish to start a business of your own; entrepreneurial drive is in the air nowadays.

A must for graduates who wish to apply for vacancies in banks and even when they want to pursue a master's degree and for use in daily life.

04. Working Under Pressure and Strict Deadlines.

Ah. This one is not everyone's cup of tea. I think it's a skill that takes a considerable amount of time to hone and develop. Software developers and content writers can relate to this; just a little bit of distraction can turn into an all-nighter of not-doing and not-caring.

Courses for project and time management are available, too. Once gained, this skill can mean the difference between everything.

05. Content Writing.

Finally, content writing.

This little gem is what many don't have. People of well-established organizations rely on their content writers to help market their products, to promote their services, and to run their social media accounts and keep them abuzz.

You can also freelance for cash. Blogging is another way of earning money: you write about what you know best, and then through Ad Sense, you make money. Some people resort to off-site positions, and this is one of those—you don't necessarily have to get up and go to work, but rather stick to getting up and working.

Convenient, don't you think?

The takeaway: do a personal analysis and figure out whether you've got these skills or not. It's the survival of the fittest in today's job market. Make sure you're fit enough to work where you want to with the payment you deserve.

Happy job hunting.

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