Male Versions of 5 of Our Favorite Songs That Are Slightly Better.

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Listening to your playlist won't be the same as it was before. Your music gets flat? That's the word I use for songs that I've been listening to since forever. We either resort to new music, or stop altogether until that "phase" is over.

However, you can try something else.

Listening to remixes is one way. It works out for some people and they get to listen to their favorite songs without getting bored. But I rather don't like remixes. The only remix version I like better than the original is Tove Lo's Talking Body. I don't remember whose remix it is but I like it.

I've come across some male versions of my favorite songs on YouTube and found them to be the needed break. They all seem to have been sung by the same person! I'm guessing David Archuleta.

Here they are:

01. Work From Home - Fifth Harmony
This single was all over the place when released. I used to listen to it hours on end. I even tried using those bass apps to make it sound different after all these months.

Instead, I've now found this male version. Which is pretty hot.

02. Into You - Ariana Grande
Straight from her latest album, Into You has been turned into tons of remixes. I liked this male version best.

03. Slow Down - Selena Gomez
Slow Down became my favorite one off Stars Dance. Here is the male version I like even more.

04. Roar - Katy Perry
This is everyone's get-back-up song. Here's the male version I found. Seriously. Who is this guy?

And last but not the least.

05. Burn - Ellie Goulding
This was one of Halcyon Days' best songs. Did quite a number on all of us, didn't it? You can listen to it now in a different voice. The awesomeness remains. Ellie's is still better, but it doesn't hurt. Here it is.

I gotta' look for more.

Oh, and here's who's been singing these songs: no one! These YouTubers have messed up the pitches of these songs to give them that masculine appeal we all can hear.


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