Red Queen Series.

4:55:00 PM

Those of you who are already done with King's Cage know what a turn the series has taken. Didn't see that coming.

The story began with Mare Barrow falling like a lightning bolt into Queenstrial. She was sentenced to a life of a royal under a pseudonym, to hide the true meaning of her ability. Twists and turn brought about a discovery and betrayals soon followed.

Later, in book 2, Barrow began to search for Newbloods like herself and the sequel ended in her capture.

Book 3 reveals that the battle against the Reds and the Silvers is not over. And that more books are to follow. We have seen no comment from the author as of yet about #RedQueen4.

The series have been on the NYT's bestsellers for a really long time and we all know there's a Red Queen movie coming.

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