Some Useful Applications to Download This Ramadan.

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People say that smartphones are a no-no when the month of Ramadan is upon us. Well, not anymore. Our phones can be used in a lot of different ways. Even in this month of blessings and prayer.

I've rounded up some useful applications that can be an enormous help in the proceedings of Ramadan—which is almost here!

01. A Counter App.

We all have one of those noisy counters from the past that are still working and we won't get rid of them. So, to avoid that clicking, irritating noise, you can download (this) application. This "Counter," when it comes to design and appeal, doesn't have much to offer. I like it for its simplicity; it has a very uncomplicated set of controls and you can easily use it during praying or reciting anything.

02. A Compass App.

For those who are traveling, are in the middle of nowhere, and don't know where to pray when a mosque isn't nearby, (this compass) can be of great help. It won't only tell you what to do and where, but it also has additional advantages that come as a package deal. Their recent update is meant for this month. Download it to find out about its extra features.

03. A Quran App.

(This app) is probably the best Quran app available on Playstore. (Quran for Android) has a unique, beautiful user interface and comes with translations and audios in a wide array of languages. Perfect for reading while traveling and when at work. All you have to do is touch your smartphone awake and delve into this app. Saves you the trouble of carrying a real one.

04. A Reminder App.

There is a lot of work and praying to be done in this month. It does people good when there is a reminder for them set in case they forget anything. (To Do Reminder) is just what you need for this. It also comes with an alarm. This app can be used to plan out your entire Ramadan.

05. A Note-Taking App.

If you're one for just note-taking, and nothing additional, try (ColorNote) to help you out. Plan out all your religious proceedings and to-do lists with this broadly-acclaimed note-taking app.

06. A Recipe App.

To avoid the hassle of trying to figure out what to cook during Ramadan, you can use this app. (Cookpad) has tons of recipes for you to choose from. If you still find it limiting and if you want some easy-to-cook recipes, you can go to ( or (allrecipes), the latter also has an app.

These were all I could think of. If you have more to add, please do so in some comments below.

Have a blissful, and fulfilling Ramadan!

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