05 TV Shows We Can't Stop Missing.

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Even though TV has become more glorious today, we can't deny the fact that a lot of our favorite TV shows have been discontinued. What fun days were those! When Disney used to be the prime channel here in Asia and how we spent our nights in front of our TVs; watching all Disney had to offer. 

These five are unmistakeably the ones we can't stop missing.

This one was magical.

Selena Gomez was the lead. Causing up trouble for her wizarding siblings—and sometimes, herself—Alex was what made this show worth watching. Over and over again. The Wizards of the Waverly Place series ended up at its fourth season, where Alex became the family wizard and Justin the new headmaster.  

Zach and Cody were our favorite twins.

Tipton Hotel was always in turmoil with those two around. The Suite Life of Zack & Cody was later continued into a new show by the name of The Suite Life On Deck, where the twins ventured to the seas. It eventually was discontinued at its third season, when the twins got graduated. 

Miley Cyrus gave us the best of both worlds in this one.

This series ended, as well, on the fourth season—the finale being an emotional one where Miley and Lily hugged; their friendship stronger than ever. Hannah Montana also became a movie. People still listen to Miley Cyrus' songs from her reminiscent sitcom.

This one starred Demi Lovato.

Unfortunately, Sonny With a Chance lasted for only two seasons. Demi Lovato gained many fans with this comedy and it is undeniably another reason for her fandom—apart from her music career.

This one is the oldest.

That's So Raven featured Raven Symone, a psychic who had visions. Most of this sitcom centered around how Raven would inadvertently glimpse into the future and then either try to make it happen or prevent it.

Raven Symone separated herself from Disney channel and we haven't seen her since. A pity.

Well, these were my absolute favs. Have you any? 

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